Hi, I’m Brooke. I am insatiably curious and spend most of my time focussed on building and strengthening habits for an happy and healthy life. I spent most of my life battling obesity, disordered eating, and an unhealthy body image. My relationship with food and it’s effect on my body overshadowed every area of my life until I asked myself who I’d be if that wasn’t my identify. After years of research and self-experimentation, I believe that obesity is a byproduct of food addiction. My passion and life’s work is to create tools to help myself and others overcome this disease.

I am currently testing my obesity hypothesis. I believe that eliminating addictive foods from my diet and replacing them with non-starchy vegetables will result in obesity remission. This might sound simple, but overcoming addiction isn’t easy. Breaking free of the physiological side of addiction is only the beginning. My behavior must change to support new healthy habits for long-term success. Change is really only possible by taking baby steps, changing your environment, and/or epiphanies – all of which correlate with improvement in three key areas:

  • Habit Change (Food, Exercise, Sleep)
  • Internal Support (Self, Spiritual)
  • External Support (Relationships, Communities)

Excess Matters is a platform for me to document the research I find relevant, test my obesity hypothesis, and build tools to support long-term behavior change.