Weekly Weigh In

My intention at the beginning of the year was to share more consistently by weighing in on the previous week. Like so many times before, I didn’t follow through. I’d like to blame it on one of the many the curveballs life threw my way, but the truth is I’ve become lazy about keeping commitments to myself and others. Here’s to changing that behavior and showing up imperfectly.

Reflections: The past month was a whirlwind with a big change in my living situation. The move was unexpected and somewhat traumatic but what’s come out the situation feels like a dream.

As anyone who has ever moved knows, it’s not the most fun and  takes awhile for everything to settle. I didn’t cook much and I exercised even less over the past month, but I did my best to be mindful about my food choices and movement.

When I finally unpacked and stepped on my scale, I was surprised to see I hadn’t gained weight and instead I’d lost a pound. I’ve eaten foods that make my belly ache more than once but I’m trying to have compassion for what drives that and keep moving forward.

Last week, I went to my friend Sarah‘s Galentines brunch at Le Marais Bakery. She’s a fashion blogger and reminds me of my days as a 20-something Chanel-wearing fashion entreprenuer. These days I prefer Athleta and hiking boots, but I still like getting fancy when the occasion calls for it. I actually thought about getting dressed up and wanted to wear something more feminine like a dress or blouse and heels, but I didn’t have any good options. I settled on a sweater with black pants and boots, threw on some makeup, and felt pretty cute. Y’all, everyone showed up in pink. There was no memo, they just instinctively did it. I guess on Wednesdays they wear pink 😉

Look, I could have used this as an opportunity to feel like an outsider or what I wasn’t enough. You know, those old tapes. But that’s not what happened. I thought it was funny and embraced my differences without shame. Do I wish I had taken the opportunity to get fancy and have Alexis take my picture? Yes! It would have been a great opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone. Am I ashamed that I wasn’t wearing pink? No way! I am proud that I’m able to show up in this kind of situation and take it in stride.

I went into this meal anticipating that I would indulge and I enjoyed it all. I’m not sure if that freedom allowed me to avoid emotional eating in a slightly akward social situation, but I just felt at ease. I’ve heard of Le Marais Bakery, but hadn’t tried it because I didn’t imagine they’d have many options for me. What surprised me most was the variety of keto options on their menu. They have many of the usual french favorites, but also a fun build your own board where you choose 5-7 sides from things like smoked salmon, bacon, proscuitto, 3 types of eggs, croissant, bagel, fruit, oatmeal, avocado, and more.

Intentions: Keep showing up. Make a plan and share it. Weigh-in again next week.






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